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Mar 2020


March 24, 2020

Scare Fighter 3 is an imaginative romp through the land of comically bad B-movies and pop culture references, featuring fun voice acting, immersive sound design, and original chiptune inspired music. The main characters, twins Orion and Aurora, Alastor, and Brutus explode into action using some iconic (and sometimes hilarious) weaponry; from a broadsword and crossbow to robot arms with a leaf blower attachment and an ax named David Chopperfield. It's a non-stop flurry of good times, so make sure your flux capacitor is fluxing, and your knowledge of old-school Nickelodeon game shows is up to date because it's time to jump in!

It's like a Beat'em Up video game for your ears!


Created by:
Max Brown and Brady Echols