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Nov 2018

SF3 #8 - King Spiderweb’s TV Castle of DOOM!

November 30, 2018

Team Sneak Wolf finally stand on the doorstep of King Spiderweb’s castle. What will await them on the other side? Traps? A bowl of candy? Free DVDs? Let's find out!


Written by Max Brown and Brady Echols
Produced by Joe Wilkinson
Narration by C.S. Humble
Music by Brady Echols
Ballad of King Spiderweb written by Max Brown

Max Brown: Orion, Gabor the Vampire
Ginger Echols: Aurora, Judge Judy
Brady Echols: Alastor, Ike
Roman Brown: Brutus

Additional voices:
Adam Tijerina: Dan Riflemen, Sonny Luffagus
Andy Schumacher: Stan Riflemen, Judge K, Mike O'Malley, Spider Bot
Elizabeth Wilkinson: Tiger Banks