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Nov 2018

S1E5 - Night of the Snakeoids

November 16, 2018

The gang head over to the grimiest roadhouse ever to get some answers about the floating city and this “King Spiderweb”. Get ready for a vampire rock show, a thick fog of hairspray, and a disastrous infestation of multiplying toad creatures. Let’s all do a shot!


Written by Max Brown
Produced by Joe Wilkinson
Narration by C.S. Humble
Music by Brady Echols

Max Brown: Orion, Wade, Brooklyn, Burt
Ginger Echols: Aurora
Brady Echols: Alastor
Roman Brown: Brutus, Red the Kooler

Francisco Encinas: David Dangerbite
Adam Tijerina: 80s Hairspray Girl, Locals