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Oct 2018

S1E1 - Dead Man’s Party

October 26, 2018

Welcome to Creepsburg! Is that a floating city in the sky?! Team Sneak Wolf assembles, crashes a house party, and goes after the alpha of all werewolves. You gotta love this town!


Written by Max Brown and Brady Echols
Produced by Joe Wilkinson
Narration by C.S. Humble
Music by Brady Echols
Love Theme, Boxing Wolf Drago written by Max Brown
Cover Art by Devin Kraft

Max Brown: Orion, Grab Wolf
Ginger Echols: Aurora
Brady Echols: Alastor, JR Werewolf
Roman Brown: Brutus, Wolf Drago, Puppa, Wolf Bouncers
Andy Schumacher: Zombie
Joe Wilkinson: Spider Bot