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Apr 2020

S2E9 - The Battle For Creepsburg

April 10, 2020

Our Scare Fighters have finally made it back to Creepsburg, but it looks like King Spiderweb’s floating city is about to unleash a superweapon! They’ll have to act fast!

Written by Max Brown, C.S. Humble, and Brady Echols
Produced by Joe Wilkinson
Narration by C.S. Humble
Music by Brady Echols

Max Brown: Orion, Bert, Corvus, Brooklyn, Ed the Cameraman
Brady Echols: Alastor
Ginger Echols: Aurora
Roman Brown: Brutus, Cyber Wolf Drago-209
Joe Wilkinson: Master Jeff, The Pizza Clones
Elizabeth Wilkinson: The Compass, April Oatmeal
Chris Rake: Mall Cop, Good Time Charlie Army
C.S. Humble: King Spiderweb