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Mar 2020

S2E4 - Smacker 2: The Revenge

March 6, 2020

Our Scare Fighters drop into Harbortown to destroy a beast plaguing its waters. They’ll need the help of an old wizard friend and a bunch of seals to do it! 

Written by Max Brown
Produced by Joe Wilkinson
Narration by C.S. Humble
Music by Brady Echols
Fly, Fly, Fly Away, man written by Max Brown

Max Brown: Orion, Crazy Eye the Sailorman, Chimney Sweep, Gerald Boo Wee, Salmon Burglar
Brady Echols: Alastor, Chimney Sweep 
Ginger Echols: Aurora, Dougie Kong, Perry Moppins
Roman Brown: Brutus, Maz R, Chimney Sweep 
Rolf Nelson: Scuba Dan
Elizabeth Wilkinson: The Compass